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New Directions in Geriatric Behavioral Health: Serving Older Persons of Different Cultures

Conference held at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment on October 6, 2004

The Delaware Valley has a rich mix of cultures and ethnic groups. We believe that serving the behavioral health needs of older adults requires respect for each person's history and culture. The purpose of this conference was to increase understanding of different cultural perspectives on aging and behavioral health and to discover the implications for providing appropriate mental health services to older adults of various cultures.

This year's conference, held at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment in Philadelphia, was sponsored by the Delaware Valley Mental Health/Aging Advocacy Committee the Senior Advocacy Team, the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and grant from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation. Thanks to all who attended.

Summary of the day.

Keynote Presentation: Understanding Aging and Mental Health Through the Eyes of Other Cultures, Norma D. Thomas, DSW, Center on Ethnic and Minority Aging, Inc. galvanized and challenged the group with humor, good information and human stories.

Cultural Perspectives on Aging and Mental Health

Panel Discussion: Each panel member made a presentation and then there was a general discussion.

Best Practice Models for Culturally Sensitive Behavioral Health Services for Older Adults

Panel Discussion:

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